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We have had The Water Lady servicing our facility since 2011. For many years, we called in our weekly orders, and then this year we switched to keep full service. The keep full service is much more convenient, as we do not have to remember to call in our order.

All personnel are very professional and courteous. There have been times when the heat caused us to go through our water supply before our next scheduled weekly delivery. One phone call, and Barbara had water delivered to us without fail. With the keep full service, we no longer have to worry as the delivery personnel takes the weather into consideration when delivering our water.

Although we have been approached by other water companies seeking our business, we’ve never had reason to even consider entertaining the idea of switching services. We are very please with The Water Lady services and personnel.

Marysville Ethanol

Dear Water Lady,

I just had to take a moment to say THANK YOU!!! Getting fresh, pure water – and getting healthy – has never been so easy! As you know, I have been served by the water for at least the past ten (10) years. Throughout that entire period, we have been provided not only a great product – pure, wholesome drinking water – but the customer service is unparalleled in this day of customer service being an afterthought, at best.

Customer is #1. I never have to call to secure further deliver. As my supply begins to swindle, you anticipate the timing and call me to verify how much water will be needed. Every contact with The Water Lady is an absolute delight; every person associated with your business is upbeat, cheerful, and happy to help.

I have been so happy with the goods and services provided by The Water Lady, that I purchased a second water dispenser for our Marine City Court location, and The Water Lady now delivers directly to that location, as well as my office in Port Huron.

And, I have never run out! With all of the other struggles of a typical day at the 72nd District Court, it is so nice to know you take such good care of us. THANK YOU. Great service. Great product. Reasonably priced. There isn’t a better deal out there!

Hon. Cynthia S. Platzer, District Judge 72nd Judicial District Court

This is in regards to your company considering the Water Lady as your bottled water supply company. I highly assure you that at no time will you be disappointed with not only the product but the work staff and very responsible and helpful delivery drivers.

I have been dealing with the Water Lady as a supplier for over 18 years and have always had prompt service and have worked well with establishing a good rapport with not only the delivery drivers but the owner, Barb Holden, who has always been available to support every need you may have as a customer.

Howard P. Deschaine, Supervisor at SMR – Automotive

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with The Water Lady. I have no hesitancy whatsoever in recommending The Water Lady for your bottled water needs. We have been a customer of The Water Lady for 15 years and have been completely satisfied with both the products and the service. The owner, Barbara Holden, is a great person to work with along with her well-trained staff. Since they are a local company, the respond immediately to any requests we have. I strongly urge you to call The Water Lady at 810-388-1600 to help with your bottled water needs.

Janice Moran, St. Clair Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram

The Water Lady (Barbara) has supplied us with our water for over 20 years. The water is delivered on time at an affordable rate. If we are ever in need of supplies, she is right there for us. Any issues are taken care of directly in a timely and professional manner. We HIGHLY recommend The Water Lady Services.

Heidi Hartman, Wilkie Brothers Conveyors, Inc.